Using The Law Of Attraction When Everything Goes Wrong

How do you use the law of attraction when everything goes wrong?

What do you do when it is going all wrong despite meditating, affirming, and practicing all the lessons you have learned in the Law Of Attraction?

This article explores ways to stay on your manifestation journey when life is not showing any evidence of your progress, or maybe things are even getting worse.

Don’t Give Up!

Don’t give up, even if you feel completely lost. You are about to hyper-charge your manifesting abilities.

This article will put you on a whole new level beyond your wildest dreams when you use The Law of Attraction to bring positive energy into your life.

We will learn to say “Goodbye” to fears and doubts, and “Hello” to knowing and expecting abundance in all areas of our life.

To stop feeling sad and learn to stay positive even when you don’t get exactly what you want in life.

We know there will still be a few things that keep you down, but this will help you tremendously during the difficult times to keep a positive attitude and trust the process.

Learn What Is Stopping Your Progress.

First, to benefit from the law of attraction when everything goes wrong you must respect that you are made of your core beliefs.

These can be beliefs instilled by parents, teachers, or peers. They can be true or false. 

Your beliefs come from your environment and again, might be true or false. If your core beliefs are not good, it will be difficult to achieve abundance in all areas of your life. 

This can be very frustrating and confusing. 

You Can Change Your Core Beliefs.

Most people don’t realize that you can change these core beliefs.

It is not necessary to research your past to determine how you got the beliefs you hold today. Just understand that you do have core beliefs, and more importantly, you can change them yourself.

If you want to use the law of attraction when everything goes wrong, then you must practice unblocking the core beliefs that are holding you back from the best manifestation of yourself.

The Law Of Attraction Works!  

Most of us have been taught to look outside of ourselves for sustenance (for power, love, prosperity, health, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment). 

What if looking outward is looking for love (and everything else) in all the wrong places?

We are energy inside and out. The entire Universe is made up of energy that can be described as a wave. 

The tiniest subatomic particles are wave energy and the only way we know they exist is by the trails they leave in particle accelerators. 

Our attention is what creates the reality that we call our physical reality. 

Whatever you have your attention centered on is what you will create in your physical world.

To have control of your thoughts, so that you can focus your attention on whatever you choose to create, you may need to work first on being in the present.

What Can We Do With The Past? 

You are a product of your early environment. The person you are today is a result of interactions with important adults in your early life. 

Don’t see your past as good or bad, just see it as just existing. It is time to let go of beliefs that may or may not have served you but are now holding you back from following your path.  

To find our true selves and create an inner world that is right for us, we need to look at the big picture.

Our Past Is Not Our Identity.

You are not your name, your body, your occupation, or your relationships. You are not your country or your race or your religion. 

You are not your past and you are not your past beliefs. This is the greatest challenge you might face.

Your core beliefs are your greatest challenge because they can slow or stop any desires from materializing into your physical world.   

You accept that everything in the world is energy, and you accept that focus will cause the energy to manifest your reality, and you follow all the steps to feeling good, and nothing happens.  

You try everything you have ever learned about positive thinking to improve your lifestyle. To the best of your knowledge, you have done everything just right, yet your life and your resources remain the same. 

The most likely reason for this frustrating situation and “stuck” feeling is that your core beliefs have done it again. 

You don’t expect to receive such great abundance in your life because your core beliefs tell you any number of degrading reasons why it never happens for you.

Now that you know what has been standing in your way, you are halfway there. Now that you have identified it, you can work to change it.

Give Yourself New, Empowering Beliefs.

Well, you can’t just ditch your core beliefs…or can you? 

Luckily there is a fast and easy way to get rid of old hindering beliefs. You don’t have to negate them or counter them or bury them or reason with yourself to change them. 

All you have to do is to start giving yourself new, empowering beliefs and these new beliefs will automatically drive out the old limiting beliefs, getting you on a path to a better life.  

When you give your attention to something in a world of energy, you produce that which you are thinking and giving your attention. 

Abundance Is Waiting For You.

There is a lot of wonderful abundance waiting for you. You have already been creating lots of great stuff with your dreaming and especially if you have been clear on your desires. 

So why are you scratching your head and sitting around frustrated and wondering why it has not come to you yet. 

If you have been trying to think good thoughts and focus on your desires and you can’t see your results yet, don’t start thinking you have failed or worse yet, “It doesn’t work.” 

The ability to create your world is yours at all times and it works every time. The reason you can’t see what you have created lies in your KNOWING. 

Put The Past Behind You.

One of the best ways to put your powers of creation to work quickly is to put the past behind you. 

Perhaps you have already learned that we only have “now,” and we are perfect spirits, and we can start today to create the life of our dreams. 

Perhaps you have been practicing meditation and thankfulness, and perhaps you have been doing this for some time. Why are results slow or nonexistent? 

Your past created beliefs for you, and then your life experience in using those beliefs created KNOWING. 

You feel that you know certain facts, and you got there mentally by first being told what to think when you were young. 

Those thoughts became beliefs and life experiences turned those beliefs into ideas that you “KNOW.” 

Now You Must Know Something Different.

How do you turn new positive thoughts into KNOWING? 

Using this as your empowering affirmation will turn these beliefs into knowings and give you a place to go for support when it seems as if things are going wrong despite your efforts.

Say to yourself:

“I am a perfect spirit. 

“I am worthy of abundance in all areas of my life.”

“I am open to abundance in all areas of my life.”

“I am grateful for the abundance I receive in all areas of my life.” 

“Knowings” are beliefs that have been around long enough to attract evidence for their “truth.” 

Give yourself new empowering beliefs, and affirm them often, and you will begin to have evidence that your new beliefs are truths.

They will turn into KNOWINGS and give you the support you need to stay on your authentic path, regardless of any circumstances around you. 

You don’t need to work on getting rid of hindering core beliefs, you need only to work on building new, self-empowering core beliefs.

The new self-empowering positive beliefs will naturally push out the old limiting beliefs that have been slowing you down.

Your Beliefs Are Mental Exercises And Your Knowings Are Physical Experiences.  

When you know something, you fully expect, beyond the shadow of a doubt. There is no doubt at all.

If you were raised without doubt, you would have an incredible sense of your magnificence. Your inner self knows no doubt. It has no limits and knows no boundaries. 

Decide to stop allowing doubt to dictate your thoughts and actions. If you were raised without doubt, you would have a strong inner sense of your magnificence. 

Follow Your Chosen Path To Abundance And Joy Without Hesitation. 

You would know your capacity to create your world just the way you want it without limitations. Your ultimate goal now should be to shift all of your beliefs into knowing. 

Be clear about your desires, focus on them and do so without allowing any doubt. This will turn your beliefs into knowing and turn your dreams into physical reality.  

All of the knowings that you have right now came to you from the direct experience of your own life. 

Once you know what you want and can think about your desires as though they already exist in your reality and you can practice how you feel having your desires appear in your physical reality, you are creating new beliefs. 

The final step in bringing your desires into reality is to turn the belief into knowledge. 

Any thought that has any doubt attached to it is restricted, so you have created wonderful things for yourself that are just waiting to come to you and they can’t because of the resistance you are putting up with your doubt.  

Fear creates doubt and doubt creates fear. They work together. There are some main fears you should examine and get rid of forever. 

Say Goodbye To Fears.

The fear of failing.

You can’t fail. You do something and it creates a result. It is what you do with the result that counts. Don’t label yourself as a failure.

Fear of disapproval.

You are a perfect spirit. You are enough.  You don’t need any validation by anyone.  Your path is yours and yours alone.  The opinion or approval of anyone else is not needed for you to travel your chosen path.

Fear of suffering.

When you know your sacred self, you cannot suffer. 

Fear of isolation.

You are never alone. You always have Divine guidance and love.

Fear of looking foolish.

Stay on your path. The opinion of others does not affect your joy.

Fear of success.

Know that you deserve all prosperity and abundance that comes your way.  Success is the way you feel about yourself.  Don’t let that be fear of self. 

Whatever you doubt will cause you to be afraid. That which you fear creates doubt about your ability to deal with it. 

Faith cures fear and doubt.

Getting in touch with your inner being will lead to having faith, which will banish fear and doubt so that your beliefs can become knowings. When your beliefs are known, you will see all of your desires manifest in your physical reality. 

The Law of Attraction is a spiritual principle that teaches you how to manifest your desires in the physical world. If fear and doubt are getting in your way, it’s time to get rid of them forever with faith.

It doesn’t matter if what you want seems impossible or unlikely. You can create anything by turning your beliefs into knowings. Remember: whatever you think about will come back to you 10 times stronger! With access to this law, there are no limitations to creating abundance for yourself.

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