Turn up your vibrations using these methods and watch the Law of Attraction work for you! Learning to manifest the life of your dreams can feel overwhelming and complicated.  To make it easier, here is the best way to start for guaranteed positive results right away. And in addition to fast results, I think you will find that this is fun and easy but very powerful.  Increase your vibrations with these simple methods and watch the Universe respond!!! Turn up your vibes and watch how fast the Law of Attraction responds. See how fast you can manifest!


What does “carefree” mean to you? Make a list of things that make you feel carefree. Feeling carefree causes your vibrations to increase and high vibrations means increased ability to attract anything you want.

It is not about forcing things to happen in your favor because your power is found by paying attention to increasing your vibrations so all that you want will be attracted to you. But, you will need to be clear about all that you want in life right now and then start focusing on raising your vibration. You will most likely begin to have results right away. Remember that you do not have to figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be in life.  Once you know what you want, you will need high vibrations in order to receive it.

Here are some of the easiest vibration raising things to do:

Look at something that reminds you of a good memory (like a pumpkin in October).

Smell a flower or spice that you love.

Enjoy something beautiful.

Pet your cat or dog.

Play a happy song.

Breathe deeply.

Go for a walk.

Take a swim.


Get/Give a hug.





Put the word “love” on the bottom of a glass of water and drink it. 

Get out in Nature.

Meditate (if only for a minute).

Start to use the methods and enjoy results surprisingly fast. Watch the Law of Attraction spring into action and enjoy manifesting your desires.

Don’t fight for it. Raise your vibration.

All of your resources come from vibrations.

Remember that just thinking of what you want, clearly, causes it to manifest. In order to allow it into your physical reality, you must avoid creating resistance. You must keep good emotions. Shift the focus of your attention to outcomes that you want in your life.  It is important and necessary to feel good along the way to whatever you want. Learn to turn up your vibes in order to manifest successfully.

If you want to know how you are doing at practicing good emotions to turn up your vibes, pay close attention to how you feel.  Your emotion is the first demonstrator of what you are vibrating.  Emotion shows up first.  Thoughts are next.  Animals might appear next.  Then helpful people will come into your life.  Whatever is showing up is just a reflection of what you are vibrating.  How you feel is a match to what you are vibrating and it is a match to what is coming back to you.  Start to give more attention to the reality that is in the making than to the reality that you see before you. 

Try saying, “I know what to do.  As I create my own reality,   I can tell which way to go by how I feel.  Because I am on my way to feelings such as freedom,  I am beginning to feel my power.  It is exciting to be at this age and knowing what I know.  I am excited about what is ahead. It is fun to watch things turn up.  I am blessed and worthy.  Things are getting better and better.” 

While on your way to practicing a carefree mindset to turn up your vibes, the most important thing for you to let go of is your observation and opinion about what is missing in your life.  Distract yourself from it and lighten up.  Detach yourself from any thoughts or feelings of lack.  Instead, meditate for 15 minutes. 

Don’t try to fix things. Instead of trying to fix things, choose a vibration frequency that will attract things that you want.  Visualize you as you would like to be but be easy about it.

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