Meditation sets the stage for all the methods we use to live our best life. It cultivates creative power. Let’s start now to create the life we want. 

Meditation is a reach for clarity. Most of the methods we use are simple, but don’t let that fool you. We may think it has to be difficult in order to work and the harder it is to accomplish, the better it will work. On the contrary, when done right meditation is effortless.

Come along for a gentle but powerful – almost magical – way to create the life you choose.


The first step to take is to clear your mind a little.  

Find yourself a quiet place to sit. 

If possible, sit with your legs crossed and close to the Earth. Close your eyes and pay attention to your own breathing, in and out.  

If there is a “white noise” nearby like a fan or an appliance noise or even wind blowing (any steady background noise) you can focus on that. Pretend that is the most important sound in the world. 

Take three deep breaths and then let yourself relax and breathe normally.  Try for two minutes at first.  

Don’t think about anything in particular.  

If you want you can think the word, “In” as you breathe in and the word, “Out” as you breathe out.  You are clearing your mind and giving your intuition a chance to receive.

When thoughts pop into your head, let them go and go back to focusing on the words, “In” and “Out.” 

You can picture yourself in a very relaxing place when you first begin meditation (like sitting in the water at the beach or walking in a field of flowers). Picture whatever you can remember or just imagine that makes you feel good and makes you feel relaxed. Then just focus on your in and out breath. Do this every day, eventually working up to 15 minutes per day.

Don’t worry if you can only stand to do this for one minute. Your intuition will benefit greatly with just a minute of this. That one minute can change your life. Do a minute each day until you can do two or three, and build up from there. So, sit down and get that happy place picture in your mind. Listen to a steady sound. Pay attention to your own breath. Close your eyes. Let the thoughts come and go. Go back to focusing on your natural breath. 

I guarantee you will soon know this is the most powerful work you do all day toward your new, authentic, fulfilling, fun life!


Mindfulness means to be present right here and now. Most of us are very good at planning our lives but we are not very good at living them.  We must learn to be alive right now in the moment.  Concentrating on breathing will bring you into the moment and into mindfulness. It is as simple as breathing in while thinking “in” and breathing out while thinking “out.”  When you do this, you will recover yourself and encounter life in the present. This is a simple way to meditate but very effective. People who have been meditating for fifty years still use this simple method.  It will put you in touch with life now. More importantly, it will introduce you to and help you to get to know your inner self.

I want you to meditate for a few minutes (or longer if you can). It gets easier with practice.  That is why you may have heard the term “mindfulness practice.”  Do this for a few minutes each time you can and you will be able to do it longer and longer, the more you practice. If you want to, you can study meditation or go to group meditation places, but for now and for our purposes, this is fine.

One final note on meditation needs mentioning.  All kinds of thoughts are likely to enter your mind, when you first learn to meditate and even after you become skilled at it.  Do not worry about the thoughts. Just let them float in and float out.  They will float back out, as soon as you return your attention to the “In and Out” words as you breathe.

Once you are in a PRESENT mindset, you will be able to take the next step.

 How Can Appreciation Help Attract Abundance

 When we talk about vibrating on a high level, the question arises about how we are able to do that in the quickest and simplest way. We want to get there (vibrating on a high level) because that is where we need to be in order to create whatever we desire easily.

We are emotional beings and vibrating has to do with feeling. This is where the challenge for us happens. We learn what we need to do in order to vibrate on a higher level for the purpose of creating the life that we want for ourselves, but when we attempt to put it into practice we quickly discover that we just can’t fake it. We find out that we can’t force ourselves to feel something we just don’t feel. So we have to “get real” with ourselves.  

Suddenly we discover that we want out of the relationship we are in, or we don’t want to live where we are now or we can’t stand our job. Suddenly we are stripped bare and notice that there is very little that we actually would keep the same if we could re-invent our lives.  

In order to create the life you want, it is necessary to vibrate on a high level and in order to vibrate high, it is necessary to think some “feel good” thoughts. So, suddenly we are challenged by the necessity to come up with the thoughts that really make us feel good. 

This takes some serious soul-searching. We are not talking about what makes “most people” happy or what you have always Claimed as your life dreams because it sounded good or it fit with another persons dreams or it was just big thinking. We are talking about what you want to be, what you want to do, and what things you want to have in your life that actually make you feel good.

Remember, you can’t cheat on this exercise, because if you do, it will not work.  If you are honest, you won’t be able to stop it from working.


So we are left with figuring out what actually makes us feel good. What is a thought that you can think that makes you feel good? This seems like an easy question but it is harder than it sounds, when you do it right. You don’t have to qualify this question. It can be anything at all. It can just be as simple as thinking about a cup of coffee or as complex as thinking about the love of your life.

Start keeping an ongoing list of all of the thoughts that make you feel good.  These are not things that are supposed to make you feel good but things that actually warm your heart, put a smile on your face or you just simply like.

This will become your APPRECIATION LIST.  You can work on this for a while.  It may seem easy since you would think that you know what makes you feel good, but it can surprise you to find that you struggle with it. So start your list and keep working on it for a few days and make it ongoing. Any time you think of something and that thought makes you feel good, put it on your list.  


You are a vibrating being. You are energy that is always vibrating. Sometimes you are vibrating on a high frequency and other times you are probably vibrating on a low frequency. Still, at other times you are vibrating somewhere in between. You create your “vibration frequency” with your collection of thoughts. Thoughts that make you feel good cause you to be vibrating on a high frequency. Thoughts that make you feel bad create low frequency vibrations to come from you.

Feeling good is accomplished when you are vibrating on a high frequency.  Feeling bad happens when you vibrate on a low frequency. 

Your vibration frequency determines what comes back to you in your life. What comes back to you always matches the vibrations you are emitting. Does this happen instantly?  No, there is a catch up time involved due to the momentum that you create, when you vibrate on a certain frequency over a long period of time. If you are, for instance, thinking sad or negative thoughts over a long period of time and depressing things keep showing up in your life, you cannot just decide one day to think all good things and see your reality change completely that day.  It takes time to unwind the negative momentum and start the positive momentum.  It also takes practice for you to vibrate differently and to do it with ease. 

You don’t want thinking “feel good” thoughts to take a lot of effort on your part.  If it takes a lot of effort, then it will be counter-productive.  So let’s look at how you can change your vibrations.


You can have deliberate control over your vibration frequency.  It is not easy, but you can do it and you will need to master it if you are to change your world.  Whatever is coming back to you right now matches the vibration frequency you have been on.  However, in order to get on a better frequency so you can make good things happen for you, it will be necessary for you to vibrate on a frequency that is different from what you are seeing in your life.  Since your reality is so clear to you by way of sight and sound and scents and touching and tasting, it is hard to get momentum going on a higher frequency, as it takes your imagination.  You can change your vibration frequency, but first you have to realize that it is carrying you right now.  Begin to change your frequency by trying to “think on purpose”.  Acknowledge to yourself that you are “thinking on purpose”. 

Turn your attention to the reality that is “in the making” as opposed to the reality that you are sensing.  Physical reality is vivid because of all of your senses.   When you start “thinking on purpose”, you will start a vibration activity that will gain more momentum the more you do it.  You will need to pay less attention to thinking about what is around you and more attention to thinking what makes you feel good. 


Since there is a lot of momentum built up on a daily basis for things and a life the way you have been vibrating in the past, it will be very easy to think something that matches it and builds on the momentum.  If you have felt bad about yourself and you have been thinking about the lack of something like not enough money or not enough love, more of the lack will show up in  your life and as the momentum grows for that low vibration, it will be easy to continue on that path, creating more lack and therefore more bad feelings and it will perpetually feed on itself.  It will be so easy to do. 

However, if you see in reality a great lack of money for instance in your life and you really want to change that, you will need to think on purpose about a life filled with lots of money. 

In addition to thinking of a life filled with lots of money, you will need to FEEL GOOD when you think of it. The thought will need to make you feel good. Now there is no faking this one.  The thought that you are thinking on purpose in order to change your life has to actually have a genuine “FEEL GOOD” effect on you. 

How can you insure that it will have a feel good effect on you so that it will work?  Well, in order to make something or a condition to magically appear in your life just by thinking it, there are three criteria that must be met.

1. It has to be something you, personally, really want.

2. You have to feel worthy of getting it!

3. The process has to take very little effort.  It has to be EASY for you.

(Thinking the feel good thought has to be easy to do.)


The secret is to determine what makes you feel good and keep your thoughts focused there. But the power comes from feeling sincere APPRECIATION. 

APPRECIATION will make you vibrate high and while on the high vibration, all you focus on will be highly attracted to you.

BY INCREASING YOUR VIBRATIONS YOU WILL FIND YOUR INTUITION BECOMES CLEAR AND STRONG. Watch for signs of your next best step and listen for bushings from your inner self about decisions and choices. These will become much easier to make and will result in bringing to you all that is needed for your best life. 


If you are like most people, fun is something you do after all the work is done.  In the Manifesting Club fun is what we do for work!

When you make a list of all that you can think of that makes you feel good, you must insist to yourself that you dig deeply and find authentic good feelings for you. 

It may be that it has been a very long time since you allowed yourself to think about what YOU actually love and what makes YOU happy and energized.  

It is so easy to get wrapped up in what society says is fun and to get lost in the happiness of others and if you do that long enough, you can really lose touch with what means true happiness for you. 

You must dig deep and be completely non-judgmental with yourself. It can be difficult to admit that talking to chickens makes you giddy or building sand castles makes you feel like all is perfect with your world.



It does not matter what it is, but it must be true for you. Go all the way back to childhood, if you can, mentally, in order to start writing. Write down moments and things and environments and people and animals and just anything at all that made you feel very happy.

The reason that your choices for your fun list have to be authentic for you is because you will use your list to create the feeling of happiness. 

Since you want a lot of things in this world (some that money can buy and some that money can’t buy) you must learn how to create the feeling that you will feel when you get what you want.  

The key is to be able to create the feeling without the things in your physical world. The physical things that you know from your past have given you real happiness are your ticket to getting all that you want in the future in your life. 

When you make a list of all that you want in your world now, put the list away and then get out your “fun list” or your list of that which has proven to make you happy in the past. 

Study it and feel how you used to feel. While you do this you are opening yourself to the energy attraction and “the magic” will begin.


When you make your mind up to get the life you want, you can use this method and start from wherever you are. 

All we have is right now. The past is the past. It does not have to dictate your future.

Lots of us get mentally beat down for one reason or another and we start to repeat a string of loses, which only makes us believe less in our ability to ever get what we desire. 

Just leave the past alone and start with today, right now and give this amazing method a try. It is successful every time. 

You may not be able to see it working right away, but it is. It starts working the moment you start to practice it. 

I want to repeat the steps often so that it is very clear that this must be done in a certain way.  

You may think that meditation, for instance, is silly and you may decide you can just skip that step. 

Be forewarned about skipping steps (even ones that don’t seem to make any sense). Those steps are critical to your success with this method. 

Also, don’t doubt the effectiveness of it all, while you wait for miracles in your life. It works every time. It is working while it seems nothing is happening. 

Just wait until you have your first breakthrough with it. You will be shouting, “OMG THIS STUFF WORKS.”  

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