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Unconditional Love

December 15, 2020

Your main job is not to please another person, it is to find the best feeling thought you can find in the moment. 

If someone is around you a lot and is negative, make lists of the positive aspects about him or her and activate in yourself the parts of that person you want to see.  

In order to get help, people talk about what is wrong and what is not working.  However, that just gets them more of what is troubling them in the first place. They say that they need to get help and in order to get help they have to lay out in detail their problems. 

Tell yourself that you have guidance from your emotions and that you have put out there all of your intentions and you can find your way to anything you want and you can hold your emotions good regardless of what is going on with others.  Find feeling good for yourself and that will create a great relationship for you. The most important relationship for you to focus on is your relationship with yourself.  

Meeting every need of the person you are living with is a sure way to a life of bondage.  If you love someone, love  them unconditionally. Find what you love about them and focus on it. If there is discord in your relationship, you can use the discord to evolve together to a better place. 

When you have discord, you are finding out what you don’t want in your relationship, which helps you identify what you do want. Tension, discord, anger, frustration and negative emotion all cause us to clarify what we want. Rage and depression means you are choosing to focus on something that is opposite from what you desire. Choose something that makes you feel good, that is good in your life right now and focus on that. If you can’t do the actual thing right now, then focus on the way that “happy” thing makes you feel.

You must make the decision that you are no longer happy feeling bad.

Negative emotion means that who you are is a vibration that you are not letting yourself be. If you feel negative emotion, chill out. 

Go outside, breathe deeply, take a walk, swim, dance, watch a funny movie, or get a massage. Put joy first. Show yourself and the world that you can have joy unconditionally.  Anxiety means that you are focused in opposition to what you want.

All of your resources come from vibrations.

Remember that just thinking of what you want, clearly, causes it to manifest. In order to allow it into your physical reality, you must avoid creating resistance. You must keep good emotions. Shift the focus of your attention to outcomes that you want in your life.  It is important and necessary to feel good along the way to whatever you want.

If you want to know how you are doing at practicing good emotions and therefore good vibrations, pay close attention to how you feel.  Your emotion is the first demonstrator of what you are vibrating.  Emotion shows up first.  Then thoughts.  Then animals.  Then people.  Whatever is showing up is just a reflection of what you are vibrating.  How you feel is a match to what you are vibrating and it is a match to what is coming back to you.  You need to give more attention to the reality that is in the making than to the reality that you see before you. 

Try saying, “I know what to do.  I create my own reality.  I can tell which way to go by how I feel.  I am on my way to feelings such as freedom.  I am beginning to feel my power.  It is exciting to be at this age and knowing what I know.  I am excited about what is ahead. It is fun to watch things turn up.  I am blessed and worthy.  Things are getting better and better.” 

The most important thing for you to let go of is your observation and opinion about what is missing in your life.  Distract yourself from it and lighten up.  Detach yourself from any thoughts or feelings of lack.  A good way to do that is to meditate for 15 minutes.  Listen to some happy music.

Don’t try to fix things. Rather choose a vibration frequency that will attract things that you want.  Visualize you as you would like to be but be easy about it.

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