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I Love List

December 12, 2020

Make a list of all that you love in your life today.

Think about what makes you jump out of bed, excited about the day. Think about what puts a smile on your face. Think about what you look forward to in the day or long term. 

Keep this list with you to refer to it, as it will raise your vibrations as you read it.

List your desires, goals, intentions (I like the word “intention” best as it indicates you are serious about it). Know clearly what you want and then go back to focusing on raising your vibrations.

You are raising your vibrations so all that you want can manifest easily and quickly. Keeping a list of your intentions reminds you why you are practicing all of the vibration increasing exercises.

If you have difficulty in choosing what you want in life and unsure of what to set as intentions, practice meditating some more and for longer times. 

It could be that you are trying to be someone who is not the real you. Maybe you have had dreams and goals all set for some time now and have not been able to get them to materialize. 

Spend quiet time in meditation and reevaluate them (and the real you) based on your feelings, based on your emotions. Pay close attention to how an intention makes you FEEL when you read it to yourself. FEEL IT.  REALLY FEEL IT. 

Don’t pay any attention to how it sounds, if it is impressive sounding or has “movie star” quality. The only way to have your newly created FUN LIFE come quickly into your physical reality is to have it be authentic for the real you. 

The only way to know if it is authentic for the real you is to be up to date on who THE REAL YOU is. When you write your intentions don’t worry if you can’t see how a certain dream could possibly happen for you as something that seems unchangeable is standing in the way. 

Never underestimate the unique paths that will come your way. There will be many you could not think of in your wildest dreams. Just make sure when you set your intentions that they are REAL desires just for you. 

If you discover an imposter as you go along, be sure and rewrite that intention. Your intentions and you are one and the same.

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