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Fun Mode List

December 12, 2020

Your next important mission is to find something fun to do. Start a list for yourself of fun things you can do right now from where you are.

These don’t have to be earth-shaking adventures. Anything, no matter how small that is fun for you goes on the list. My list starts like this:

Listen to happy music.


Watch a funny movie.

Have a great cup of coffee.

Make your list based on things you really, honestly think are fun just for you. Add to your list whenever you find another fun thing for yourself.

This will probably be hard to do at first, since I am guessing you have not had fun as a priority for a while (maybe never)!  After meditating and affirming, choose something from your fun list to do.

Next, start a list of fun things to think about. 

My fun to think about list starts like this:

My boyfriend

My children

My sister

My animals



Just list whatever gives you joy when you think about it. Add to this list whenever you find a good happy thought that you enjoy.

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