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Appreciation Lists

December 12, 2020


Getting in a state of appreciation will raise your vibrations.

Make A List Of Appreciation

Make a list of all that you appreciate right now in your world. Keep this in a little notebook that you can carry with you and add to it whenever you think of more that you appreciate. 

Start practicing thinking of things that you appreciate with the intention of making yourself feel good. This gets easier with practice. When you think of something you appreciate and you start feeling good, keep it going with more thoughts of more things you appreciate. 

Be forewarned that you are probably used to feeling negative emotion and it feels comfortable to you because you are used to it.  

These new feelings will be strange for you so just trust the process until you have done it for a while.  The idea is to get started with one thing that you can think about that is in your reality right now and you feel appreciation for it and add to it a little at a time as you get used to the new feelings. Always start in the morning with your feelings of appreciation and carry it through the day as much as you can.

The more you work on your list of things you appreciate and the more you focus on reading your appreciation list and the more you actually feel the appreciation, the closer you will move toward feeling worthy. 

Examples for Your Appreciation List


Next, for a little time each day, go outside and spend some time in Nature in full appreciation for our world.  They say that our most memorable times in our past have some kind of connection to nature.  It has a very profound effect on our happiness, so let’s include it in our process of becoming a “master manifestor”.


After spending a little time in sincere appreciation for our natural world. Spend a little time thanking Source for all that you are creating.  I usually just look up and say, “Thank you for helping me, guiding me, supporting me, inspiring me…..”Whatever you are wanting to create for yourself, spend a little time each day expressing thanks for the process that is bringing it to you.


Use the worksheets at the end of this lesson to list people you appreciate and what you appreciate about them.


Use the worksheets at the end of this lesson to list whatever you appreciate about your world and your life right now.

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