How to Manifest on Paper: Everything You NEED to Know!

So, you’re interested in how to manifest on paper? As you become more interested in harnessing the law of attraction and manifestation process that each human being is capable of, you may not know where to start.

There are a lot of guides online, and some of them can offer helpful advice while others feel incomplete or confusing. Look no further. Here we will look at the laws of attraction, and some methods you can use to start manifesting right away.

Read to the end to find out about the 3-6-9 and 5×55 manifestation methods, manifestation journaling, and how to write more successful affirmations.

Why Manifest?

You start manifesting the moment you decide that you want something. However, most people stop there and don’t consider the spiritual steps they can take to get them closer to their goals and aspirations. Success and achievement are as much of a mindset as an accomplishment.

Think about this: Lottery winners are more likely to declare bankruptcy than the average American. It’s clear that if you aren’t prepared to achieve something, you will be less prepared to maintain success.

While it’s also vital to take active steps in your life to get exactly what you want, there is more. You also need to understand your desires and your motivations and be able to focus on your goals.

Learning to manifest and focus on your desires through manifestation exercises can help you become more aware of your actions. It will also help you learn how to align your actions with your intentions, tap into your subconscious mind, and give you a clearer picture of your goals.

Now, let’s get started!

Why Write Down What You Want to Manifest?

Writing things down is better than simply thinking about them. This is because you’re actualizing your desires (a vision board is great for this). By using manifestation tools like this, you’re not just imagining what you want anymore. You’ve made it tangible that you can see a path towards achieving your goal.

How To Manifest on Paper?

First, to start your manifestation writing exercise, you’ll need paper and a pen.

Note: It’s crucial not to use a pencil when you’re ready to start “officially” manifesting. You want to make a permanent mark—that makes more of a statement in your mind and refines your intentions.

Preferably, use the paper in a notebook that inspires you, or invest in some stationery that reflects your emotions. However, notebook and printer paper will work just fine.

After that, you’ll need to figure out what you want.

What are your desires?

What are you trying to manifest?

Why do you want it?

These are questions you should seriously consider if you want to learn how to manifest on paper. Clarity is vital for successful manifestation. 

Using the 3-6-9 Method

The 3-6-9 manifestation method was developed by Nichola Tesla. Tesla dealt in the power of waves and frequencies. He believed that all the world was made of waves. In this, he saw a lot of power in the circle, which is a completed wave when it’s not spread out on a chart.

He insisted that no matter how many times or ways you divided that circle, you would always end up with pieces that resonated with the numbers 3, 6, and 9. And he reportedly called them the most powerful numbers in the world.

3 is indeed a powerful number in humanity. 3 represents the joining of a pair, like the 2 strands of DNA come together to build your body. This resonance is what you’re harnessing when you use the 3-6-9 process.

Step 1: Pick Your Desire, Write in the Present Tense

You’re sitting down now, with a pen in hand and a piece of paper. Be present at this moment and investigate yourself. Release all negative thoughts.

What do you want? You may want many things but try to narrow it down to one or two critical ones. It’s not just about what you want, but what you need. How will this desire bring true contentment to your life?

Maybe you want to start manifesting money, gain clarity, or manifest love. Try to narrow it down further and pick something that will lead you to your dream life.

With your desire in mind, write an affirmation.

Writing an Affirmation

Once you pick the one your heart yearns for most, it’s time to write an affirmation. Your affirmation will be what you repeat to build the intention in your mind and invoke the law of attraction.

You want your affirmation to be an “I am” statement so that the desire is as clear as possible. However, if a specific wording comes to you that isn’t doesn’t use the “I am” framing, that is fine. Examples include:

“I am living in abundance and wealth.”

“I am grateful for every day and live with contentment.”

“I allow myself to love and be loved.”

“I am successful in my field.”

These are just examples. Make yours personal to you.

This is incredibly powerful.

Be Realistic

Be realistic when you’re harnessing your desire. What’s realistic to you will depend on your lifestyle, however, you want to focus your attention on something attainable. Not everything is going to appear out of thin air. Focusing your energy on something unattainable will only leave you disappointed.

Attainable goals have an eventual ending, a place where you can look back and appreciate your achievement. Whether that’s finding a job, a relationship, or improving your mentality, use your affirmation to understand when you can be happy with the work you’ve done. Then you can move on to a new goal without being unnecessarily attached to the old one.

Step 3: Repetition

The power of the 3-6-9 method lies in how you repeat this affirmation to yourself. You’re trying to harmonize with the powerful 3 frequencies, so you’ll have to take actions that reflect that.

Write down your affirmation 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening. You’ll be working yourself up to higher resonances of the 3 frequencies each time you do this.

Continue to do this each day for 33 or 45 days, whichever seems more fitting to you.

Note: Keep the sheet or sheets of paper you’ll be using to do this for the entire duration of the process (it’s like your little manifestation list). In the end, you’ll need it!

Step 4: Describe Your Emotions

If you keep a journal, be sure to note your emotions.

Emotions are powerful as well. They’re what drives your desires and sets up your intentions. When you’re feeling down about your desires or feel your motivations wavering, refer to these journals to remember why you started trying to reach this dream in the first place.

Remembering the feelings you were having in that moment can help you feel them again.

Step 5: Be Grateful and Present  

While it may seem strange at first to do this, let all of that go. The law of attraction is about clearly feeling and articulating what you want in a focused moment. Then you repeat this moment to attract the energy you’re looking for.

Like attracts like. Letting go of negativity (and being grateful) will help you get through difficult times and help you encounter positivity.

While manifesting, having a clear mind free of negativity can help you pull out the purest energy in yourself.

Step 6: Letting it Go

This can be the hardest part. Once you’ve made your affirmation, you’re in the right headspace, you repeated it for over a month, and you’ve embodied your desire, you must let it go.

This process can be difficult to describe, but it feels similar to when you wrote the affirmation. You visualize the desire and then turn it into words that now exist outside of you on a piece of paper. Do this process, but in your mind, as a mental and spiritual exercise. It should be easier now that you’ve done it so many times.

If you made some time for this ritual, and you’re in a moody room listening to meditative music, find a ceremonial way to physically destroy the piece of paper.

You can choose to burn the paper with a candle flame over a bowl or tear it up into little pieces so you can no longer read the words. Your affirmation is in you now and it has been summoned into reality. 

Journaling and Manifestation

Just the act of writing down what you want is powerful. When you write down your goals repeatedly, like in the 3-6-9 method, you’re building a mentality that can lead you to success. It puts your mind in the right place to recognize the opportunity around you. Plus, when you’re focused on positivity and success, you’re more likely to find it.

If a strict method of manifestation doesn’t fit your style, think about journaling instead. You can be less structured but still invoke the law of attraction. 

What is a Manifestation Journal?

A manifestation journal is a special notebook or journal that you’ll use to write down what you’re trying to manifest, and it will help you stay on track. When you consistently write about your goal and what you’re doing in your life to help make your goal a reality, you’re building more positive energy around you.

This can be where you make a timeline and record your progress along with it. You may find that keeping a journal that you’re sure to write in daily or weekly (but do it at least once a week) helps you keep your goal at the forefront of your mind.

Here are some tips for making a more successful manifestation journal.

Tip 1: Be Clear and Active

Always write in the present tense. This is what you should do even if you’re talking about an event that happened or if you’re talking about something that you want to happen. This is the same process you used when writing a one-line affirmation.

This journal isn’t necessarily always about your reality. Rather, it’s about describing what you want to happen. Talk about your desires like they are real to fully picture what you want to happen. This makes your desire clearer in your mind.

The second most important thing to do is take notes about how you’re attempting to make these situations a reality.

Tip 2: Be Specific and Understand Your Motivations

Don’t let your desires be misguided by vagueness. If you really need something in your life, you should be able to clearly articulate your desire and understand why you need it.

A journal can be a great place to work this out. Doing some stream of conscious writing can help you get to the root of your motivations and help you express inner thoughts that are difficult to say. After you’ve got what you want to say out of your head and onto the paper it can be easier to simply revise it into an easy-to-remember affirmation statement.

Tip 3: Capture the Power of Emotion

Journaling can be a great way to figure out how you’re feeling. Harnessing your feelings is critical when you’re focusing on a particular desire or life outcome.

Plus, if you’re looking at your feelings, you can better learn how to control yourself. This can help you do several things.

1)   Recognizing your emotions and what triggers them helps you better understand yourself and your motivations.

2)   When you better understand your feelings, you can use them to improve your life.

If you harness your emotions instead of remaining a victim of them, you’ll find you’re not as distracted by unnecessary things. That means you can focus on pursuing your desires.

Tip 4: Repetition is Key  

The most important thing through all this is that you’re writing consistently. It’s about building a pattern in your mind.

This leads to the next tip.

Tip 5: Commit to a Structure 

If you do not like a strict structure or writing at a specific pace, you don’t have to do that. However, maybe on the first page of your notebook, figure how you’re going to write in your journal.

After you make this structure, make a promise to yourself to commit to it. The more thoroughly you commit, the better you’ll be able to harness the powers of manifestation.

Maintaining Your Manifestation Journal (and Your Manifestation List)

Even if it feels silly, often getting what we want to say out of our heads can be hard. If you’re having a hard time expressing yourself, try to get those emotions and thoughts out of your mind so you can untangle them more easily.

How To Manifest in 5 days with the 5×55 Manifestation Method

This method is another way you can learn how to manifest on paper. With the 5×55 method, you harness the 5 frequencies. It works best when you’re reaching for a very physical desire.

Let’s dive in.

What do You Need for the 5×55 Manifestation Method?

Set out about 20-40 minutes of quiet time, you’ll need this time for the next 5 days.

A journal you love

A pen, best in purple, blue, or red for the most powerful colors

A relaxed headspace 

Step 1: Set Your Intention

When you sit down to start, purposely say to yourself, “I want to manifest my desire.”

Start some relaxing music if you’d like and do what you need to build the right focused frame of mind. This is about mentally and physically actualizing your desire; you want to focus.

Step 2:  Choose Your Affirmation

You should only focus on one desire at first. This is easier to picture, and so it’s easier to bring into your life.

Phrase your affirmation with active language. I am or I have statements that confirm you can and will achieve your desire. There are several examples earlier in the article.

Step 3: The 5×55 Method.

Now you have your affirmation, it’s time to write.

Take out your book and pen and write the affirmation statement 55 times, done best in one sitting. Feel how fulfilled and grand it will be for this desire to come true as your write. This is not a punishment; you’re writing because you are reaching for dreams, so embrace the positivity.

If it feels like work, stop. Work through your negative emotions or issues, and when you’re feeling excited again, start writing.

Be in this place and get to that space for 5 days in a row. If you skip a day, you must begin again, so be committed to yourself. Keep visualizing your dreams becoming reality while you write (and the long writing session will get easier with each day).

Don’t be weighed down by all these rules. This should fill you with joy and excitement! After all, your desires are at your fingertips.

Step 4: Let It Go!

You’ve done a lot of repetitions. Now, it’s time to let your affirmation go.

Rip up, burn, soak in water, or do what you feel is best with the papers you wrote on. Destroy them and allow your keen focus on this affirmation to fade away. You’ve completed your manifestation.

As You Go, Take it Slow

Manifestation is about mindset, no matter what manifestation method you’re looking to harness. It’s about gathering your intentions clearly and stating them to yourself and the world—even if you’re all alone!

Good luck with your manifestation, and may your desires come to you!

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