How To Apply The Law of Attraction Step-By-Step

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

The Law of Attraction is the process by which one’s thoughts, feelings and actions attract either positive or negative energy into one’s life.

Our conscious thoughts, feelings and actions can create changes in our physical reality.

This Law applies to anything you think about – whether good or bad.

Getting the Law of Attraction to work for you isn’t about learning how to MAKE it work; rather, it’s all about learning how to get out of your way in order to accomplish whatever you want.

Let’s dive into the specifics about how to apply the law of attraction in your life, and how you can begin to see how the attraction process works.

It Can Be Easy!

Most of us learned at an early age that we need to try harder, compete, wrestle things to the ground and beat them up to win. We have been taught that the more difficult it is to do, the more progress you are probably making. Nothing is more opposite from the true secrets for getting the Law of Attraction to work for us fast and accurately. It is a matter of learning how you have been stopping it. Learning what you can do to be a receiver of all that you want in your own life. 

Contrary to what seems logical, the attraction process is not about working harder, or just about positive self-talk. It is about knowing the way to clarity and positive energy. So let’s talk about what DOES work.          

            STEP ONE

Find Your Clarity

The best way to start using the Law of Attraction is to learn how to meditate.                                        

Meditation sets the stage for all the methods we use to live our best life. It cultivates creative power. Let’s start now to create the life we want. Meditation is a reach for clarity. Most of the methods we use are simple, but don’t let that fool you. We may think it has to be difficult in order to work and the harder it is to accomplish, the better it will work. On the contrary, when done right meditation is effortless. Come along for a gentle but powerful – almost magical – way to create the life you choose.

The first step to take is to clear your mind a little. Find yourself a quiet place to sit. If possible, sit with your legs crossed and close to the Earth. Close your eyes and pay attention to your own breathing, in and out.  If there is a “white noise” nearby like a fan or an appliance noise or even wind blowing (any steady background noise) you can focus on that. Pretend that is the most important sound in the world. Take three deep breaths and then let yourself relax and breathe normally.  Try for two minutes at first.  

While meditating, don’t think about anything in particular.  If you want you can think of the word, “In” as you breathe in and the word, “Out” as you breathe out.  When thoughts pop into your head, let them go and go back to focusing on the words, “In” and “Out.” You can picture yourself in a very relaxing place when you first begin meditation (like sitting in the water at the beach or walking in a field of flowers). Picture whatever you can remember or just imagine that makes you feel good and makes you feel relaxed. Then just focus on your in and out breath.

Do this every day, eventually working up to 15 minutes per day. Meditation will bring you into the present and will improve your intuition and bring you inspiration.  This will help with step 2.

           STEP TWO

To be successful with The Law of Attraction, you will need to know exactly what you intend to attract. (Not just “I want to win the lottery and have a big house”). It has to be specific.  You need to know what you want so you will recognize it, when The Law of Attraction brings it to you. When The  Law of Attraction works for us, it brings ONLY what we are clear about. If you are not clear, The Law of Attraction cannot work for you and you will not be creating the life of your dreams.   

You need to know your AUTHENTIC desires. Be specific on every level possible: physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and so on. Make a “life desires” list of everything you want to be, to do and to have.       

Learn the Law of Attraction Secrets with the INTENTION of using it to create the life that you want. You will not just wish real hard for something but rather you will set your intentions to have it. You will select exactly what you want in life right at this time.  You will then see yourself already having it and more importantly, feel how it feels to have it.  You will then go on to the next step.

            STEP THREE

Be Real With Yourself

Show your belief in the Law of Attraction by admitting to yourself that you are where you are now, as a result of your own use of the Law of Attraction, even if you were not aware of it. Furthermore, you are going to get to where you want to be in life quickly, easily and on purpose using the same Law of Attraction.  You must be committed to your goal, yet humble enough to see where you have been using The Law of Attraction against yourself.  Only then you will be able to work on removing those obstacles, and setting things right. 

You need clarity first and then self-commitment to the Law of Attraction as a tool that will help you get what you want. Admit that The Law of Attraction has been working for you, but not the way it is intended to work. Law of Attraction is Law, it does not have preferences about who uses it and how they use it. It just works.

You must show your commitment by being honest with yourself about the Law of Attraction and your present place in life. Nothing works before you admit to yourself that The Law of Attraction is working for you.  Once you do it, Law of Attraction will help you get rid of all negativity surrounding your goal-getting process so that Law of Attraction can do what it does best, ATTRACT.

             STEP FOUR

Remove Limiting Beliefs

You may have accumulated some subconscious limiting beliefs from your past (we call them blocks). However, the good news is that you need not diligently work to rid yourself of limiting beliefs. (Beliefs you hold from negative influences before creating a life of incredible abundance). You need only to focus on empowering new beliefs and they will squeeze out the old bad ones for you.

Luckily there is a fast and easy way to get rid of old hindering beliefs.  You don’t have to negate them or counter them or bury them or reason with yourself to change them.  All you have to do is to start giving yourself new, empowering beliefs. These new beliefs will automatically drive out the old limiting beliefs. 

For instance, if you have always been told and believed you are shy, create a new empowering belief of just the opposite. “I am confident.” Write it down and feel how good it feels to be confident. You can choose the opposite of any limiting belief and affirm it often to drive out the old limiting belief.

             STEP FIVE

Use Positive Affirmations.

Affirmations are a powerful tool. The Law of Attraction can not ignore an affirmation. You must speak it as if you already have what you want. You must set a goal and affirm that goal as if achieving it is already a fact. Law of Attraction understands the power of spoken words.

Some truths are worth repeating often to yourself. “I am worthy of abundance in all areas of life.” “I am open to receiving abundance and I am grateful for all that I receive.” These affirmations will speed the process of the Law Of Attraction for you.

For instance,

“I am worthy of all the best. I have the resources to carry out all of my life’s intentions.  Money flows easily to me.” This is an empowering affirmation that will soon become your new belief. 

It is especially powerful to memorize and recite empowering affirmations to yourself right when you wake in the morning and just as you are drifting off to sleep at night.

             STEP SIX

Appreciation Lists

It is helpful to keep a running list of all that you appreciate. Include people, animals, Nature, comforts and beauty. Include anything that you love. Add to your list as you think of it and read your list often. This exercise will help to keep you in a state of appreciation. Staying in a state of appreciation as much as possible is one of the best kept secrets for getting all the abundance and happiness that you desire to flow into your life quickly. If you think you are doing all the right things and your life is not improving quickly enough, check to see how much time you are spending in genuine appreciation of all that is so good in your life right now.

One of the reasons it is so difficult to change a person’s reality is because people spend all of their time trying to manipulate and control circumstances on the exterior. They should be going inward and finding the root of the poor self-image and changing it. The true power of manifestation and of creating whatever you want your life to be lies inside of you.

MEDITATE AND AFFIRM (write out the opposite of your limiting beliefs and read it many times per day). Then read your appreciation lists often.


Prepare for Pleasant Surprises.

It is a good idea to prepare yourself for some substantial PLEASANT SURPRISES. Riches, health, love or other dreams come true lightning-fast when you least expect it as you practice these principles. Focus on the positive things in your life. The Universe wants you to be happy.

            STEP EIGHT

Prepare yourself for “it’s not all good.”

When it seems like you are learning but the outcomes are not what you want, remember that the stuff you don’t want is there to help you clarify beyond a shadow of a doubt what you DO want. You need to know how to have a clear vision about what you want in your life and to stay focused when your own thoughts get in your way.

Don’t Force It.

The Law of Attraction works by Attraction not by forcing. If it feels like it is all just exhausting and you are not getting anywhere, meditate a few minutes and follow the steps again. 

            STEP NINE

Maintain A High Vibration

Law of Attraction works as fast as long as you are able to maintain high, good energy vibrations. (Read our blog on 101 ways to Raise Your Vibrations found under RESOURCES in The Manifesting Club).

Lighten Up

If you want to be a heavy hitter with Law of Attraction, LIGHTEN UP!

No matter what your life is like and no matter what your mindset is like right now, you can begin immediately to create the life you want.

Don’t focus on what you want to eliminate from your life.  Rather focus on what you want to allow in your life. If you look at things you adore in your life, make a list of them and hold them in your focus, more like them will come into your life, so we will start our list by noticing what we love and listing it and noticing what we want to add to our life that we would love and listing that.

Take the few things that feel good and keep paying attention to them and keep looping back to them mentally.  What is working in my life? What makes me feel good? 

If you just can’t determine what your beliefs are that are holding you back, go ahead and make empowering beliefs and affirm them often anyway. The new beliefs will push out the old beliefs and you will have new truth and knowings that serve you, as opposed to old ones that held you back and blocked your dreams from manifesting.

Remember to make sure your desires are just for you.  The desires need to be uncensored.  Not judged by others.  Make sure your desires are authentically you.  You won’t be able to sustain positive emotion for a desire that is not truly you.  Choose desires for right now.  You can add to them or change them any time you find something that defines you better.  Any time your list needs updating, do it.

You are able to create anything and everything you can possibly dream up for yourself.  There is absolutely no limit to what you can have.  Everything that exists right now, was once a thought and everything you want starts out as a thought.  Once you have decided what you want to be, to do and to have, you do not need to concentrate on getting it to materialize.  You do not need to think hard about it.  You do not need to chant or write it a million times or look at pictures of what you want all day.  It is not necessary to “work at it”.  As a matter of fact, the way to be an effective creator of your world just the way you want it is to learn to live easy.  Now the part that you do have to do is to decide what you want, but after that you need to pay attention to your emotions. 


         STEP TEN

Get Emotional

Law of Attraction works faster and easier when using emotions, so spend some time figuring how each one of your desires will make you feel once you have it manifested in your reality. Emotions create the motion for all that you want. This is the reason it is important (critical) to choose emotional words to use when you read your affirmations.  It is not good enough to just read that you want a pretty place in the country.  You must figure out how you will feel when you get that pretty place in the country for yourself.  What words describe how good you will feel?  Those words that you choose hold the magic power for creation. 

So remember, don’t read an affirmation that says, “I have a pretty place in the country.”  That won’t get it for you.  If you will feel safe and secure and contented and happy, then you must put those words in front of your affirmation statement and read it, “I feel safe and happy and secure and contented because I have a pretty place in the country.”  Now don’t just read the words.  Start to imagine the actual feeling and each time you read it, feel it.  You will get better and better at this the more you do it.  This is make it or break it instructions so don’t just read, FEEL! FEEL! FEEL! 


You cannot create anything except in the spirit of love.  

Think about your attitude when you are reaching for your intentions. Are you forceful, trying to outsmart or compete with others? Do you feel like you have to convince anyone or manipulate anyone? Are you thinking that you have to prove that you somehow deserve what you want? Do you feel like you have to ask someone for it?  Are you convinced that you have to “pay the price” for your dreams to come true?

You don’t need to do any of the above.  Most of us were taught when we were young that success doesn’t come easy.  But it does!  If you can be easy and keep yourself feeling good, you will raise your vibrations making attraction of your best life inevitable.

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