How to Make a Vision Board in 2022: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Make a Vision Board in 2022: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to make your dreams a reality? Do you want to reach for those goals that you’ve kept close in your heart but don’t know how to start working towards them? Are you someone who’s already found success, in one way or another, but want to start expanding your horizons to new pursuits? A vision board might be the tool for you!

You may have heard of vision boards before and about how successful people visualize their goals to help them make them a reality. But is it really that simple? Yes! With the power of visualization, you can understand your goals more clearly, make tangible steps to achieve those goals, and have a referenceable resource that can help you stay on track while you take the epic journey of achievement.

This article will cover the ins and outs of how to make a vision board. It will help you make effective use of your vision board, offer tricks to stay motivated, and give tips to help make your visualization into your reality.

What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board, also called a dream board, is a tool that an individual can use to make a tangible representation of their goals and aspirations. Think of this inspirational board as the physical manifestation of your desire.

By making a vision board, you’re saying to yourself that you want to make a dream that you have a reality. This board should be colorful (or just made of a color palette that inspires you) and visually motivational. It should be full of images that either directly encapsulates what your dreams are, or make you think about your hopes when you look at them.

How Do You Use a Vision Board to Set Your Goals?

A vision board helps you make something that was intangible, like a dream, into something that you can see and hold (unless you decide to make a digital vision board, a process that we’ll also walk you through). Making your dream into something you can look at instead of just think about can be a compelling first step in actualizing that dream. Now that you have it out of your head, suddenly your wish doesn’t feel so unachievable.

Making a vision board can raise your mental vibration, pushing you towards that positive path you want to go on. It can be difficult to feel motivated to achieve a dream that you can’t see, especially when you don’t understand a path to success. Even when you know how you could achieve your dream, you may sometimes need to remind yourself why you decided to undertake the journey you’re already on. Your vision board can help you remember that happy positive feeling you get when you think about your dream, even when you’re having a bad day.

Remember that visualization is only a stepping stone on the path to success. You achieve your dreams by making them the purpose of your life and taking that mindset into everything you do—even in tasks that may not directly lead to your dreams in a conventional way. Achievement is an attitude that is fueled by the actions that you take. Part of your visualization practice should include thinking about how you will work towards your dream, instead of waiting for your dream to come to you.

Why Is Visualization so Powerful?

There are two reasons why visualization is so powerful, and they explain how making a vision board can help you make use of this ability. Visualization gives you a goal and inspires you. These two aspects are pivotal if you want to achieve success.

First, Have A Tangible Goal.

When you think about success, don’t make it something that you need to endlessly pursue. Visualize a goal, like a mountaineer visualizes the top of a mountain. Think about how you’ll climb your mountain to success. You can change the exact specifications of success as you’re on your journey but try to keep the final result something you can actually achieve.

Keeping your goal feasible will keep you motivated. Plus, at the end of your journey, you’ll know when to stop and celebrate your great achievements. After that, you can consider a new objective, without feeling like you never really completed your other mission.

Second, Be Passionate About Your Goal.

You need to feel inspired by your goal. A goal should be something that will bring fulfillment to your life, or help you achieve satisfaction indirectly. If you aren’t working towards a goal because it will increase your life satisfaction, maybe you should reconsider this goal. Really think about what will make you happy in life. Go for that dream instead of settling on something that brings you only misery (even though it may give you monetary success). Even if your wildest aspiration seems impossible, making a vision board and utilizing the power of visualization can make it more achievable.

By setting your thoughts on a positive path, and keeping those positive thoughts on your goals, you can work up the confidence and motivation to take the actions necessary to make your desires turn into real-world achievements. As you do this, you’ll also begin attracting like-minded people and looking for opportunities that you can take advantage of. Getting your mind in the right direction can help you work towards your goals, while also putting you in the right place at the right time. All seemingly by luck.

But It’s Not Just Luck!

Because you used your vision board to visualize and work towards your dreams, you’ll know that it wasn’t just luck that you found success. You’ve worked hard and used the power of a positive mindset to get you there.

Getting To Business: How to Make a Vision Board

You understand the power of visualization. You also understand the real purpose of a vision board. Now, you want to know how to make a vision board that will actually work for you. Let’s explore how you will make a vision board.

Planning Your Vision Board

The true first steps of making your vision board come before you start actually making one. After all, putting a lot of beautiful images and powerful quotes together won’t really help you in achieving your goals if those images and quotes don’t make you think about your dreams. This isn’t just a tool for inspiration, after all, you want it to tangibly help you.

To make the most out of your vision board, you should do some things first.

Start by Setting Your Goals

Just like in visualization, the first step to making your vision board is deciding what your goals are. What industry are you looking to get into? What skills do you want to get better at, and how will you measure this increase? Do you want to lose weight? If so, what is your goal weight? These are things you should consider in this early phase of vision board creation.

Make A List Of Your Goals.

You may have a single very specific purpose in mind, or you may have a lot of aims. Having a lot of goals shouldn’t stop you from making a vision board, but even if you only have one goal your first step should be writing it down. Even if you don’t go through the process of making a vision board for yourself, writing down your goal can be what suddenly aligns your perspective, so don’t skip this powerful manifestation moment.

Set the mood for yourself as you do this. Be in the most confident and inspired mindset you can be in. Light some candles for mood as you contemplate what you want to achieve in life. Smell your favorite scent and surround yourself with things you love while you start to manifest your desires into reality.

Taking Time To Contemplate Your Goals

You may not want to immediately put your visualization board together after you’ve written down all the things you want to achieve. And even if you do, you should still take time each day to contemplate your vision.

This Is About Consistency.

Apart from imagining your goals to raise your mental vibration in a positive way, you need to do this consistently to keep yourself on the right track. Doing something consistently helps you build a habit. If success is really a mindset, making the success mentality a practice will help you better embody this energy.

There’s no need to take more than a few minutes each day to do this, and contemplation is made easier with a vision board. Put your board somewhere you can easily see it during the day to give you that boost of inspiration. Or put it somewhere you can look at it for an extended period of time for more focused thoughts. Think about where you drink your coffee or take a moment to wake up in the morning and put your board there. Then you can consider your board, and thus your dreams, before really starting your day.

After you create your vision board, this contemplation will be the most time-consuming part of your visualization practice—but it may be the most vital! Don’t let your goals slip away from you in the day-to-day drudgery. Keep your mindset positive and reap the rewards of success when they come your way.

Making Your Vision Board

Now you’ve considered your goals. You’ve made them substantial by writing them down, and you’ve taken the time to really contemplate them. This is how you can make sure that you’re putting your energy in the right place as you actualize these goals into a vision board, and then move on to making them your reality.

Now we can really dig into how to make a vision board. Let’s explore the four easy steps you can take to create one.

Step 1: Planning Out Your Vision Board

The first step of making a vision board is considering what you want your board to be like. You should make some decisions in this phase that will change the path of your project later on. You should consider questions like: How big of a board do you want? What kind of images will it include? Will you add quotes? Where will you be putting this board, and how does that change how you should approach making it? And more!

Taking a closer look at your expectations and desires can help you make the vision board even more valuable to your life.

What Part Of My Dream Do I Want My Board To Represent?

Before you start picking out images, really consider how you need this vision board to express your dreams. Do you want this board to make you think about your values? And what kind of imagery would represent these things effectively?

For example, if you want to always keep your family at the center of your achievement, include a picture of your family on your vision board. Or, if you want to always remain honest, insert quotes about trust and honesty on your board. If you aspire to become better at a hobby, like knitting, put together images of projects you want to create one day. These kinds of visual reminders will help you keep these aspects of your goal in mind.

Other things you could consider are friends and relationships, health goals, weight-loss inspiration, possible vacation ideas for when you finish accomplishing your goal, or even visual representations of topics you want to learn about.

Make a list of these things or take notes that answer some of these essential questions, and then keep them in mind as you gather inspirational material for your board later.

Should I Make More Than One Vision Board?

Consider the number of vision boards you want to make and why you may want to make more than one before you dedicate yourself to an opinion.

You may be inspired by tremendous door-sized vision boards you’ve seen online, but make sure you have someplace to put that board if you make one that size. A large board can have a huge impact on your mindset, and if that’s what you need don’t be afraid to make a gigantic board that you cover from tip to tail with inspiration.

Having several smaller boards can be a great option too. You can scatter smaller boards across your home to provide doses of inspiration no matter where you are in your house. If you have several dreams that don’t really tie together in a visually thematic way, then making several small boards can be a great alternative to one large board. Plus, making several small boards can help you make boards that will better fit the aesthetic of distinct rooms if that’s something you need to consider.

It’s suggested that you make your first vision board before you make a bunch of them, though.

Considering Materials And Style. 

Think about how you want your board to express your ideas tangibly now.

Do you want to find and print images that you encounter online onto a poster board? Are you looking to pin magazine clippings to a pinboard? You also need to make a list of all the adhesive items you’ll need to make this vision board a reality. Acid-free removable adhesive is excellent for professionally printed photos, and you may need to purchase things like glue sticks and clear tape for other materials. You may also want extra colored paper, stencils, scissors, Sharpies, stickers, or other artistic supplies.

In this phase, you can also think about the style of your vision board. Do you want a messy style board with overlapping images? This can be very busy and full or be a sporadic design with interest centered around a quote that’s surrounded by relatable images. You can also choose to make a very tidy, organized vision board. Take a look online at other people’s vision boards and see what styles you like best. Don’t be afraid to incorporate aspects of other people’s designs into your plan.

How Often Should I Update Or Redo My Vision Board? 

If you feel like your board is no longer giving you the kind of inspirational guidance it was made for, then it may be time to update your board.

If it’s a new board, you should wait a few weeks before updating it. Give the board you made a chance. After that, make the changes you deem necessary. You’re trying to commit yourself to achieving a goal that may be difficult, and your vision board reflects that. It may be uncomfortable to look at your board if you’ve been stuck in a defeatist mindset for a long time. You may feel tempted to make changes right away that undermine your path to success. Allowing yourself to gain a success mindset with the help of your vision board before you start changing your goal can help you build up that attitude.

However, you may find out that your vision board just isn’t helping you like you thought it would. Freshen it up with new images on top of old ones for an ongoing collage or choose to make an entirely new board. It’s up to you!

After you have achieved the goal that your board was made for, you may look forward to making a new board that fits your new goal. This is fine! Put your old board(s) away, or someplace they can hang as decorative pieces and reminders of your achievements, and start the visualization process all over again.

Step 2: Get Your Supplies Together

This is a straightforward step. You’ve considered and written lists now. You know what you want to make your vision board like. Get the pictures you want to be printed ordered so that you can use them and go out to buy the supplies that you’ve outlined. From glue to poster board, make sure that you have everything you need before you sit down to start the creation process.

This may take you to several stores, or you can choose to buy these items online. Going to sites like Esty can help you support small-time creators, while also helping you gather unique embellishments that you can use to personalize your vision board.

If you start before you have everything you need, you may feel frustrated, and this activity is all about building a positive mindset. Keep yourself from being more stressed by getting all your vision board prep done before you start.

Step 3: Make a Workplace to Create Your Vision Board In

What you’re doing when you create a vision board is setting up a kind of ritual that can help you understand and call forth your dreams. You’re setting your intentions by writing down your aspirations and gathering elements that will help you create the energy you’re looking to have more of. This can be health energy, success energy, love energy, anything you’re looking to attract with your visualization is the kind of energy you want more of.

By getting your mindset in line, you’ll be better able to achieve the things you want. When you’re bringing together your inspirational elements, make sure that the space you’ll be working in fits your task.

Allow Yourself To Focus.

Choosing to summon your life dreams is a strong statement to make to the world and to yourself. When you’re making this declaration with your vision board, find a place where you can focus. Find a quiet place to work at night if you have a busy family, or ask your roommates to respect your quiet time while you concentrate on this project.

Set Out Everything You’ll Need.

You’ve already gathered all the tools, photos, and extra embellishment materials that you’ll need to complete your vision board. Now it’s time to lay them all out for ease of use. Admire all the work that you’ve done to get to this point. Begin to see that just as you’re now making this vision board a reality, you can begin to make your dreams a reality too.

Set The Mood.

Finally, set the mood. Play some meditative tones or blast your favorite music. Listen to a series of inspirational speeches that lie in your field or watch someone who’s on a similar journey that you want to go on. Light some candles or get some special light bulbs with fun colors to make your room feel special.

Do whatever gets you in the creating mood. Set yourself up for success by setting the mood before you even start creating your vision board.

Step 4: Make Your Vision Board

Now you’ve finally arrived! It’s time to make your vision board. Say a prayer or meditate on your intentions as you make your board and feel your mind align with your dreams.

Take your materials and start to tell your inspirational story. Whether that means literally telling a story with the images you cut out and the quotes you use, or by keeping the imagery abstract, you want to make sure that your imageboard is authentically reflecting your desires. Be sure to sit with each image and see yourself achieving your dreams.

This board should always remind you of these feelings when you look at it, and being thoughtful when creating your board will help you remain thoughtful as you attain success.

Digital Vision Boards

There are many online tools that you can use to make a vision board without having to go and purchase a bunch of supplies. There are online programs that can help you create a vision board. Doing some quick research can lead you to the program or app that fits your needs best, but some of these options include:

·        Canva

·        Photoshop

·        Microsoft Word

·        PicMonkey

·        And so many more!

Whether you choose to make your board physical or digital, the same mental steps should be taken in both processes. Making a vision board is about changing the way you think and aligning your goals and actions so you can manifest your dreams.

Make sure to gather all the pictures and assets you’d want to add to your digital vision board, just as you would for a physical one.

Put your digital board someplace you can see it, as a desktop photo. Or send your digital vision board to your phone and use it as a wallpaper.

Just as it is important to take a moment to consider your physical vision board every day, remember to look at your digital vision board. Contemplate how the images and quotes you’ve included reflect your values and desires. This constant contemplation helps ensure that you’re dedicated to your goals, are continuously manifesting your desires, and that your board helps to keep you motivated.

Finding Inspiration

You may understand the power of visualization, manifestation, and how a vision board can help you achieve your goals. However, you may need some more help getting inspired. That’s okay! This can be a big project, so making sure you’re setting your intentions right can make all the difference in your life.

Really take the time to consider what you want, and what you’re looking to manifest. Is there a part of yourself you’ve been denying, or a passion you have that you’ve been told to feel shame about? You may feel you have made a wrong decision in life, and now you want to make a change but don’t know where to start. It’s never too late to make a change, and this is especially true if you’ve convinced yourself that there are no other options left but to continue on your “dead end” path. If you’re suffering from this mindset, take a step back from your life and become a passive observer.

Write It Down.

Writing things down is a powerful tool that every person can process. Write down the problems and obstacles you’re facing. Taking stock of obstacles helps to put them in perspective. Writing them down like this can make you realize that many problems you’re hung up on have simple solutions. This process can also be used to help isolate problems that can be overwhelming while allowing you to evaluate your situation.

This problem-solving process can even be the theme of your vision board. Often problems, by their very nature, hide their solutions within their camouflage of pain and strife. By stepping away from your emotions and evaluating your situation calmly, you can use these pain points to make your life better.

Be Prepared To Change.

A vision board won’t help you much if you’re not willing to change your mindset or your energy. Change can be tough. Getting out of situations that are preventing you from achieving your goals can be liberating but frightening at the same time. You may hold onto a dream you could pursue but find that you feel timid in the face of the challenge and putting yourself out into the world.

Think about how good your desire makes you feel, about how achieving your dream would fill your life with satisfaction and color your world with happiness. Take that feeling and fill your vision board with it. Raise your mindset to that positive vibration day by day by making a vision board that reminds you of good things.

Bringing Your Dreams to Life

A vision board can be a powerful tool. As human beings, we have the power to visualize what we want for ourselves and attract that power to us through will and dedication. When you put your mind to focusing on attaining your dreams while working daily to embody the traits that you want to exude, you’ll find that you are constantly obtaining success, even in unconventional ways!

Build up your mindset and attract positivity when you use the vision board to actualize all your desires. Make a beautiful vision board for your home that will constantly inspire you while also reminding you of your power as a creative being.

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