How to start right where you are in life and get your best life easily.

Make sure you are not trying to live someone else’s best life.  

No matter how “off track” your life feels to you, it is still your starting point to your best and happiest life. You have created your life to this point.  However, it is possible that your choices have been influenced by other people.  Now the opinion of others is not necessarily a bad thing.  You just have to make sure it doesn’t take the place of your own opinion for yourself. Since most of us are around friends and family and advertising a lot of the time, pulling your authentic desires out can be challenging.So, with all of those influencers around you, how do you set authentic intentions?

How to get what you want and realize great happiness starts with being alone and listening.

If you feel like you might not be on the right path for your happiness, push the refresh button on life.


When trying to figure out what path is best for you, it seems like soul searching and heavy thinking. is needed. However, the most effective method that will give the real answers is just the opposite of that.  How to get what  you want requires you to stop thinking and start listening. The best way to accomplish that is to meditate. Just find a quiet place to sit and listen to your own breathing. Just a few minutes will be enough to push the refresh button. While you are meditating, you will be open to intuition and new insights.  These new insights will pertain to new pathways for you.  Your inner being knows what you truly want and will guide you, if you will meditate and listen.  Be sure and start following your intuition, after you start meditating daily.


Now we are natural problem solvers, as humans.  However, there is a better way to get what you want.  Start meditating and following your intuition and then have “blind faith”. Trying to control everything and trying to win on purpose is not the fastest or easiest way to get what you want. 

Learn to be vulnerable.  Travel down the path your intuition calls you to take and don’t feel like you need a map or that you need to know what is around every corner ahead of time.  Go on faith.  Go on feelings. Feel like you already have what you want and travel the direction that feels best. You don’t need to know how you will get everything you want.  Just know that you will get everything you want and I guarantee you will be amazingly surprised!  There will be people, animals, circumstances and outcomes you would have never thought of with all the heavy thinking and soul-searching you might have done.  There will be times you will say, “I never would have thought of that as a solution but it is far better than any I imagined.” To get what you want, stay vulnerable and flexible and faithful and full of belief!

Scratch the record or throw it away.

How to get what you want includes letting go of your old self.  You have habits and patterns of living that are really easy to repeat. Vow to push the refresh button, scratch the record that wants to keep repeating and start new.

How to get what you want is easier than you think.  Give this a try and you will never go back to heavy handed, forceful, controlling ways to make life give you what you want.  This is fun. It is secret powers for you.  It works like crazy and you are going to get what you want very soon!

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