This year why not make your first resolution to Learn to Manifest.  Once you do that you will be surprised and amazed at how fast your other hopes and dreams for the new year come true.

Here is a very short “How to Manifest Anything” course.  You will start to see evidence that it is working right away and you can get even better at manifesting by taking the full set of courses at The Manifesting Club.

1.Meditate first.  Do it the easy way.  Just sit down and close your eyes and pay attention to your breath.  When thoughts flood your mind (and they will) just remind yourself to pay attention mentally to your in and out breath.  Start with just a minute and work up to 15 minutes a day.

2.Get in a grateful mindset.  Do this first thing in the morning if possible.  Just think about whatever is in your life right now that you are grateful for.

Then build on your state of appreciation by mentally thanking your Source for guiding you, inspiring you, comforting you ( whatever you are grateful for as it applies to support).

3.Make a list of people and things that you love and write down some key words that are reasons you love them.  What do you love about your partner for instance.  What about what you love about the countryside. Just list what you love and why.

4.Now that you have meditated and you are in a state of appreciation, decide to decide what you really want for the new year.  Take a look at your life as it is now and pick out things that are great and you want to have more of in your life.  List those.  Then think about the future and what you want to do and to be and to have.  List all of that.  Turn all of these desires into intentions.  You can use The Manifesting Club worksheets for this.  

5.Now that you have turned  your desires into written intentions, have a little fun.  When all  your dreams come true this year ( and they will when you learn to manifest) how will you feel?  Practice those feelings often (yes, before your dreams materialize). This one can be difficult. The Manifesting Club teaches ways to make it really easy to do.

6. Affirm. Affirm. Affirm.

Maybe you have negative stories you tell  yourself.  Switch them to good stories and use self-empowering affirmations.  One of my favorites is, “I am worthy of abundance in all areas of my life.”

The Manifesting Club lesson on Affirming will help you quickly eliminate nasty roadblocks that have been holding you back from a life of joy and abundance.

We guarantee results! These are manifesting secrets developed by us over decades and we give you everything you need to manifest anything you want!

Make one of your resolutions to join us in The Manifesting Club and watch your dreams turn into reality! Happy Manifesting Year! 

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