50 Ways To Manifest Money Fast

Money is a topic that people do not like to talk about. It’s taboo, and for many, it’s a dirty word. But the truth is that money can be a powerful tool in your life if you know how to use it effectively.

And so while some people seem to have an endless supply of wealth no matter what they do, others struggle just to get by day-to-day with barely enough money left over at the end of each month for gas or groceries.

It doesn’t have to be this way! There are plenty of ways you can manifest more money into your life on an ongoing basis without having to rely on luck or chance – even if you’re one of those who has always struggled. You just have to understand the laws of money and attraction and put a plan into action.

Here are 50 ways you can use to manifest money fast.

1. Be Able to Answer the Question, “Why?”

When I was 21 and selling real estate, I was asked by my teacher what was my ultimate financial goal and my answer was that I wanted to be the first woman billionaire in the United States. I did not know if there were women billionaires in the United States (probably so) but I did not know of any. Well, my answer was met with the reply question, “Why do you want that?” I did not have a clue. So, the first secret to attracting money is to know how much you want and KNOW WHY YOU WANT IT.

2. Meditate to Realign Spiritually About Money. 

When you make prosperity a spiritual bottom line rather than a fiscal one, you recognize that Source is your Supply and that it is unlimited.

3. Start with Having Enough. 

When you spend time thinking that you don’t have enough, the Law of Attraction creates “not-enoughness” for you. This will de-rail you from manifesting money. Think instead of how you have been cared for by the Universe, and think of the Abundance that you have right now. Thinking of abundance attracts more abundance, whether it is an abundance of money, or abundance of love, or any other type of abundance. 

4. Commit to a Life of solvency.  

When you mentally commit to being solvent, anxiety and stress will be replaced with optimistic thoughts. Safe in Spirit’s keeping, you can dare to dream.

5. Clear Away the Old and Make Room for the New.

Declutter and you will clear shabby self-worth in the process. With renewed self-worth comes increased positive thinking and abundance naturally.

6. Laugh Often. 

When you take a constant serious approach to life, it keeps your energy low and your vibrations low. Laughter lightens your feelings and increases your vibrations which allows the Universe to work for you.

7. Keep Your Eyes and Your Efforts on Your Own Path. 

When you start to get involved in other peoples’ paths you lose track of yours and you can fall into jealousy and negative energy, which slows the flow of abundance to you.

8. Go Within and You Will Know.

Train yourself to look within and you will be guided as to which step to take next. Meditation is a great method to start looking inward.  

9. Study Money Management and Budgeting. 

You may feel you don’t have enough to worry about managing it, but start wherever you are, and act the part of someone with lots of money to manage. Acting the part is a powerful positive force attracting abundance, and getting debt-free is a huge step towards financial freedom.

10. Affirm Your Connection to Source and Your Worthiness for Abundance. 

Affirmations are an effective way to eliminate “Money Blocks” which might be holding you back from your financial goals. We accumulate “Money Blocks” as early as childhood.

11. Count Your Blessings Often. 

As you focus on what you have that you appreciate, you are focusing on abundance. Anything we focus on attracts more of itself.

12. Remind Yourself to Show Compassion.  

Yes, to everyone and every animal. Keeping your desires in focus while feeling love and compassion is a secret used by Master Manifestors.

13. Respect Money Enough to Pay Attention to the Way it is Flowing in your LIfe.

Financial disorganization causes stress and anxiety. When you organize your finances and create a budget you feel better and feeling better increases your vibration, which in turn helps you attract whatever you desire. Respecting money is a huge part of manifesting money.

14. Visualize an Optimistic Future. 

When you visualize a good future you practice a form of affirmative prayer. Use your imagination not to think of the worst possible outcomes but to imagine something positive like increased money flow. A Vision Board is great for this.

15. Align Your Choices with Your Intentions. 

As you go through your day, take mental stock of how aligned the choices you are making are with your intentions. When you have the intention of increasing the money in your life, you will find that your intuition will guide you to choices that align with your intention. Make sure you meditate and follow your gut and ideas that come to you.

16. View Life on a Micro-Scale.

To help create new beliefs about money take it one day at a time. Do whatever you can to feel rich just for the one day you are living now. 

17. Set Your Precise Money Intention.

It is not enough to say that you want to manifest money. That is too general. You might find a penny in the parking lot. Save yourself time and get it right in the beginning. Decide EXACTLY how much money you want right now in your life (don’t worry you can and WILL change it after you accomplish your first manifestation). 

18. Imagine Yourself Rich. 

No one can read your mind. No matter what you are doing all day, imagine yourself rich. It is one of the most powerful secret ways of money manifesting, and you are the only one who knows you are doing it. 

19. Hold High Expectations.

Expect to do well, and be confident that your success will benefit others as well. Lottery Winners who have won multiple times will attest to their greatest secret being the expectation of the win.

20. Be Creative Rather than Competitive.

This may take some retraining of the brain, but it is well worth the effort. The saying, “Don’t look at the dogs, just pick the lock!” is fitting here. An attitude of compassion and love works best with the Law Of Attraction. Focus on your creativity, not the competition, to attract success.

21. Trade-in Fear For Joy.

Know that the answer to all of your struggles including financial struggles is right in front of you. It will make itself known when you accept that no amount of fear can change the future and the future cannot help but be changed with positive expectation.

22. Look Within First.

They say when you pray you are speaking and when you meditate you are listening. If you listen you will be compelled to take the next step and you will know the right path to fulfilling all of your intentions.

23. Break Denial about Money.

Money is not bad. It is a resource for our use. You are not to feel guilty about money being one of your deepest desires. Make sure you know how much you have and where it is used, as well as how much you are attracting and its purpose. Get out of that negative thought cycle about money. Give yourself new empowering beliefs about money being a good resource for a joyous life.

24. Break the Addiction to “Financial Shortage” Adrenaline.

Sounds crazy but it is real. You can get addicted to living on the edge financially. You will then set up continuous scary situations regarding the shortage of money. This can happen on any financial level. Even millionaires do it by spending money or leveraging too much, or by living on a level that can only be sustained if their great year is followed by endless similar years of income.

25. Talk About Money with a Trusted Person.

Conversations about money manifesting have always been socially taboo. Take the mystery and secretiveness about money away by discussing it openly with someone you trust. Talk positively about how nice it will be to increase your money and enjoy your life more. This will encourage the Law of Attraction around money and get the entire universe working for you.

26. You are Priceless.  

You are far too valuable to harbor that money martyr inside of you. Are you addicted to lack? Do you under-earn and then feel morally superior to those who have money? When you have money do you give it all away and deprive yourself, feeling virtuous in your deprivation? There is no room for a money martyr in your new world of high vibrations and positivity. You are worthy of all abundance all the time.

27. Trust.

When you see yourself first as a perfect Spirit, you begin to trust higher spiritual wisdom. You then view abundance and money manifesting as natural and expected. Then today’s dreams become tomorrow’s reality.

28. Embrace Change.

Life is changing. When you cling to your current money madness, your life is filled with dread and each day seems the same. Dare to see yourself as rich and embrace the change that will come with that, knowing that change is for the better.

30. Approach all Dealings with Love and Compassion.

Rather than viewing the sale of your house as,” I can’t wait to get rid of this.” view it as, “I know the new owner will find great happiness here and enjoy all of the fine properties benefits.”

31. Point Your Inner Compass Toward Your True Values.

We all have an inner compass with inner Spirit, and when you keep it pointed toward your true values you are guided to your next right step. Pay attention to interesting coincidences, random help, and gentle nudgings by your inner voice. Great benefits are yours when you purposefully point your inner compass in the direction of your authentic values, and then pay attention to the signs in your life.

32. Say “Hello” to Your Manifesting Partner.

You are never alone in your money manifestation practice. Your inner-being wants you to have more money than you can spend, and is doing all it can to bring it all to you. Your mission is to rid yourself of the limiting beliefs that are blocking your abundance.

33. Turn Your Eyes Often to the Beauty of the World.

The world is beautiful and prosperous and you were meant to be prosperous, too. Seek solvency with your money and you will encounter Divine Abundance.

34. Make the Decision to Change Your Financial Affairs.

This might seem overly obvious but admitting to yourself out loud that you aim to change your financial affairs is a powerful step. As you change your thinking about finances, your world will change.

35. Believe in a Benevolent Universe.  

Remind yourself often that the Universe is looking out for your every need. This will give you a feeling of being prosperous instantly.

36. Safety First. 

Prosperity is about feeling safe. It is a sense of safety that comes from knowing we are well cared for. Believe in a Universe that looks out for your every need, and a sense of safety will come over you, bringing feelings of prosperity.

37. Build Self-Worth Don’t Try To Impress. 

Some people try to build self-worth by overspending to impress others. Take a detailed look at what you want to manifest in your life and determine how much money you want. Now you can build self-worth by being honest and clear with yourself, and it won’t put you in debt like trying to impress others will.

38. Cultivate Good Humor. 

Laughter blesses our path and raises our vibrations. When you focus on debt and lack of money, you draw more debt and lack into your life. Find the humor in life wherever you are and it will raise your vibration and increase your success with the Law Of Attraction.

39. Look for Harmony. 

Attuned to your inner Spirit you will become more in harmony with the world. This will increase your manifesting power and shorten the time from wish to reality.

40. Vow To No Longer Postpone your Dreams.

You can spend a lifetime saying you are going to do “such and such” as soon as you have the money. No longer is procrastination acceptable. Today take the first step toward your intentions no matter how small. There is magic in the momentum you will create.

41. Practice Good Health Choices Like a Plant-Based Diet.

Focusing our energy on manifesting money, or great relationships or other intentions sometimes causes us to neglect our health. A plant-based diet will help to raise your vibrations which will enable you to manifest more money or any other intention faster.

42. Look for Money in All the Right Places.

Remember that the Universe provides and you are a perfect Spirit worthy of Abundance. Allow money to flow into your life. Release your dependency on others and the uncertainty of believing you have to force money to come to you. Look inward and you will vibrate higher and resources will flow without limits.

43. Just say “No” to “Dollar Dignity.” 

Your worth does not hinge on the dollar. Money is good and allows you to expand and grow with experiences and to enjoy life. However, you are enough just as you are. You are priceless.  

44. Take a Cue from the Natural World.  

In the Natural world, abundance is expected. Plant a seed for a pumpkin and expect a pumpkin to appear. Plant your intentions in the Universal mind and expect your intentions to manifest. You don’t need to handle every part of the process to manifest your best life any more than you have to handle every part of that seed turning into a pumpkin. Just be clear about what you want and plant the intention and it to manifest.

45. Face False Beliefs.  

Are you addicted to feeling like a martyr or victim? Sad emotions can be addicting. Face that falsity and connect with your Inner being for love and self-respect and your energy vibrations will raise and you will be at how fast you will manifest your dreams. 

46. Embrace Change.

Clinging to your known life will not allow expansion. When you set new intentions for your best life, make sure you do it in a mindset of allowing change in your life. Trust that it will be for the best. Life is change.

47. Include Manifesting Methods in your Daily Life.  

If you are not making it happen, you are just watching it happen! Make sure you spend some time each day reviewing your intentions for your best life and practicing the Manifesting Methods you are learning. Now you are making it happen!

48. Acknowledge Your Anger.  

Sometimes you get mad at yourself for financial mistakes. Anger will lower your vibrations. You should acknowledge your anger and use it as a map to get back on your path of good financial habits. You can say, “I won’t do that again.” Now you have used it and you have acknowledged it so your vibration can raise.

49. See Money Clearly. 

Make money a tool and not a master. It is for your good and the good of others and once you know how to manifest money, you will let it flow and no longer guard it too closely or measure your worth or anyone else’s worth with it.

50. Set a Money Intention with Emotion Attached.

Create an intention of how much money you want now in your life and then decide how you will feel when it manifests in that amount. Take the emotion you will feel (such as “happy”) and make an affirmation about the emotion. “I am Happy.” That’s it. That simple. The intention will manifest and you will have the amount you intended. The magic is in creating the emotion before the manifestation happens. It must happen. It’s a law of physics. The Law of Attraction works every time.

In this blog post, we discovered many ways you can start manifesting money. Whether you want a little bit of cash or have your eyes on an abundance of wealth, these methods should help you get started with the process.

If all of this sounds intimidating and you need some guidance from others then you can continue the conversation by becoming a member of the Manifesting Club. It’s free to get started, click here to learn more.

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